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February 2017

A Fancy Gotcha Day Celebration

One year ago, Hayley Roe and Brandon Woods welcomed a beautiful brindle beauty into their lives. Nora, a rescue dog from Gateway Pet Guardians, became their everything. They had no idea that this new addition would mark the start of a life-changing year. Since then, Nora has traveled with them to Austin, Texas and stood by their side as they changed careers and started a new life.

What do…

Jumping in Head First: Kaitlin, Skylar and Gene’s Story

Being a brand new foster can be a little scary. Bringing a strange dog into your home, not knowing what to expect. But Kaitlin Boger and Skylar Weikart jumped into the Gateway Pet Guardians foster family head first, and are never looking back! They started their foster career with a younger puppy, and loved that experience, but wanted to try something new. Once she was adopted, they opened their…

Baby Bella and Ice Cream Go on a Hike

Beautiful Weather + Adorable Rescue Pups = The Perfect Hiking Adventure!

Or so Kristina Kozlowski and Julian Jacquin thought last week when they took shelter residents Baby Bella and Ice Cream to Hilda Young Conservation Area for a 2.5 mile hike. Kristina and Julian volunteer at the Emergency Shelter, and fell in love with these two pups while working their shift. They wanted nothing mor…

The Rescue of Bear

For several months, a timid little puppy cowered in the brush outside a small house in the Metro East. The family that lived in the house had four dogs, and the puppy took solace in spending time with the pack. She slept in their doghouses, and shared their food. But the family knew this was no life for a puppy. So they asked Gateway Pet Guardians for help.

The puppy, now about four months…

Bringing Happiness Home: Katie and Ruth’s Story

Four weeks ago, it was time for Katie Wiseman to bring home her first foster. She was given a few potential options, but once she met Ruth in the shelter office and her whole body wiggled with delight at every person who came in the office, she just had to bring that happiness into her home!

Since then, Ruth and Katie have settled into a wonderful routine. Katie describes their time together…

Hit the Trails with a Homeless Pet

Meet Jolene. Jolene has some energy! As a resident at the GPG Emergency Shelter, it can be difficult for Jolene to get the exercise she needs. But have no fear, she has many friends who help her out!

Rachel Broadbear and George Huestis love hiking, and when they met Jolene, they knew she would be a great addition to their adventures. This weekend, they took Jolene to Rockwoods Reservation and…

The Rescue of Droh, Eleven, Boots and Hootie

Friday, February 17 marked a busy day for rescuers at Gateway Pet Guardians! We brought in four adult dogs that had previously been strays on the streets in the Metro East. Three of the dogs – Droh, Eleven, and Boots – hung out together near an apartment complex in East St. Louis. We fed the dogs for about four weeks, and once we had fosters lined up, set up a plan for rescue. We confirmed wit…

Foster Roundtable Series: Medical Fostering

In January, Gateway Pet Guardians started a series of Roundtables as an opportunity for fosters to continue learning about new areas of fostering and rescue, and to help build the foster community. We host one Roundtable a month covering a specific topic. Last month, we explored parvo, puppies, and more; and this month, we focused our efforts on medical fostering. Next month, we will explor…

Volunteering Time to Help Homeless Pets Shine: Samantha and Junior’s Story

It can take a village to help a rescue dog find his forever home. Fosters, volunteers, vet staff, shelter staff, supporters, donors, you name it. For this beautiful Golden Retriever mix named Junior, the help of a volunteer who donated a few hours of her weekend helped him attend an adoption event to meet dozens of potential families!

Junior has been with Gateway Pet Guardians since lat…

Providing Pet Food to Families in Need

One of the Community Outreach Program’s latest endeavors has been a partnership with Bi-State Pet Food Pantry to deliver dog and cat food right into the community we serve. We’ve seen a growing need for pet food as a resource for community members, but it is unrealistic for GPG to deliver pet food to people, especially as our program grows. Bi-State already has a great system in place to bot…

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