Foster FAQ

Q&A For Potential Foster Families

Fostering saves lives.  Click Here to read why one animal rescuer chooses to foster.

There are animals on the street in East St. Louis RIGHT NOW who could be rescued if only they had a place to go. We also have animals at the emergency shelter looking for a warm foster home.

The more you bring your pet to adoption events, the more exposure you can get.  Some fosters are adopted within weeks and some take upwards up to 6-9 months. Puppies have a tendency to be adopted very quickly.  On average, it usually takes between 2 and 4 months for an animal to be adopted.

Gateway Pet Guardians pays for veterinarian care for foster animals at any of our approved vets. Please see our FAQ page for the complete list.

Yes, we can provide kennels when available.

We temperament test all of our foster dogs and choose foster homes that meet each individual dog’s requirements and best interests.  We will do formal introductions with your dog, our foster dog, and one of our trained volunteers will determine whether or not the foster dog will be okay in your home.  If there are issues that arise after the dog has been placed in the home, GPG will provide someone to work with you and your animals.

GPG places our animals on our website, on,, and other pet databases. We also hold monthly adoption events in and around the city to give our adoptable animals more exposure to potential forever families.

You will be walked through your first three adoptions by the Foster Mentor. Under special circumstances, GPG can provide a volunteer to process your adoption application for you. If you think you need someone else to process your applications, please contact the Foster Coordinator.

The average time to process an adoption application is around two weeks.

GPG has a Foster Forum group on Facebook, sends out a monthly foster newsletter and gives each foster access to our Foster Mentor. You can contact your Foster Mentor with any questions you may have about the foster program or caring for your foster dog or pose them to the group on Facebook.

We ask that each foster animal attend at least two adoption event per month. Under special circumstances, we can arrange for a volunteer to pick up your foster animal to take it to the event and return it to you afterward.

GPG provides a fostering manual to each of our foster parents with thorough guidelines on processing adoption applications.

The Foster Mentor has examples of emails to send to potential adopters.

Many GPG foster parents end up adopting one their fosters and then continue fostering other animals.  Although we would love for our foster families to continue fostering for us, once you reach your legal pet limit for your city, you must be put on hiatus from the foster program.

GPG can provide assistance in introducing your pet to your foster animal.

Many of the animals GPG rescues come from the streets where we have been feeding them for many months – these already have names that people who follow our organization may recognize. When we rescue puppies and kittens, we usually let foster parents name them.

Due to the nature of our rescue, it is often hard to determine exactly what breed(s) the dogs are that we rescue. Most times our dogs are some sort of mixture.  Common breeds we tend to see on the street are lab, shepherd, and pit bull.

GPG has many certified trainers that can assist with any issues.

Every GPG foster family must fill out an application, have a referencable veterinarian, be within the legal limit of pets within their household, and all animals within the home must be spayed/neutered, and up to date on vaccinations. You can not have surrendered any animal, unless under special circumstances.  A GPG representative will visit your home to determine which of our fosterable dogs would be best for your living situation.

The adoption guidelines are very much the same as the foster guidelines.  Please see the foster manual that every approved GPG foster receives for details.

Yes, all pets within the household must be vaccinated and altered.  This decreases the possibility of illnesses being transferred between the animals.

It depends on the dog you are fostering. Some dogs are more active than others and require more space and more exercise. We’ll do our best to place a foster dog in your care that is well suited for your environment.

As long as you have written consent from your apartment management.

GPG has a team of volunteers who will conduct the home visits.

Ready to become a GPG Foster? After you have read through all of the foster home requirements, fill out our foster application online and a GPG representative will be in touch with you within 2-3 days.