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Working Together to Save More Lives

It takes the help of many organizations working together to make the Gateway Pet Guardians Spay/Neuter Program program work. Thanks to our partners, we have been able to fix over 1,100 pets since our program began in 2012! We’d like to take a moment to thank each partner and share how they contribute to our program.

Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic is a low cost, high volume spay/neuter…

Meant to Be: Emily and Rosie’s Story


Emily brought Rosie, formerly known as Juaneca, home on Labor Day 2017. Greeted with a wagging tail and little kisses, Emily could tell that she just needed a safe place to rest and be loved. Rosie was infected with heartworm upon rescue and had just recently delivered and weaned a litter of puppies (who knows how many litters she had prior!). She seemed… really tired.


Keeping Pets With Their People: Oreo’s Story

Last week, Oreo got off his leash and ended up at St. Clair County Animal Control. His family was devastated, and tried everything they could to get him back. But they faced many obstacles while trying to reclaim their beloved dog—his fees and transportation to claim him, to name a few.

When we heard about Oreo and his family, we knew we needed to help! We helped his family cover the fees,…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Chase’s Story

This morning, Chase was outside going potty when he was hit by a car, and his family was just devastated. He had several open wounds and couldn’t use his back leg. With no money, no transportation, and nowhere to turn, they called animal control, who gave them our number. We were happy to help Chase and his family and rushed him to the vet. Chase was sedated and had x-rays, and we were SO happy…

Celebrating a Special Retirement

On Monday, April 2, 2018 adoptable Percy made a surprise visit to the St. Clair County Courthouse to help a special person celebrate her retirement. Percy wanted to say thank you to Lisa Porter, State’s Attorney, on behalf of all companion animals in St. Clair County. Lisa has been instrumental in helping pets in the Metro East and has partnered with Gateway Pet Guardians on numerous…

Not Owned, But Loved: Our Community Cat Program

In July 2015, we recognized an issue in the Metro East that needed to be addressed. After years of hard work providing free spay/neuter resources for pet dogs and cats, we started seeing a large increase in the homeless cat population in the area. Community cat caretakers care for colonies of cats. While the cats aren’t owned, they are certainly loved and cared for. But if left alone, thes…

An Unforgettable Gift: Alex, Teresa and Darwin’s Story

In any good relationship, you have to make concessions, foster dad Alex states, “and fostering is one that I’ve made for my wife.”  Teresa is passionate about helping animals in need and while it’s something Alex deeply respects, he feels nervous for the introduction of a new dog into their household.  Teresa and the Foster Support Team do their best to choose fosters that will fit in…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Soja’s Story

A few weeks ago, we received a call from Soja’s mom seeking help for her beloved pet. Soja had trouble eating, his teeth were falling out, and he was in obvious pain. He needed veterinary care to help ease the pain in his mouth.

Thanks to our veterinary partner Hillside Animal Hospital, we were able to get him in for an examination. We quickly learned that Soja’s teeth were rotting, infected,…

An Unbreakable Bond: Alisha and Lila’s Story

Alisha has been fostering dogs off and on for about 10 years. The past couple of years with GPG, she swears she’s considered adopting nearly every single one at some point but always knew they weren’t the right dog forever for her family. That eventually changed…

In September 2017, she met the sweetest pregnant pup named Hollywood, who was a stray found in our service community. Alisha…

Handiwork for the Heart: Fixing Ms. L’s Fence

Last week we met Ms. L, a beautiful and compassionate woman who quickly became our friend. Her dog, Mollie, had a litter of puppies–four puppies in total! She cared for them for seven months, but they were getting too big and to be a handful. She wanted help finding loving homes for three of them, and wanted to fix Mollie and her son, Harry. We are currently working with our friends at Helping…

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