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East Side Pet Crisis Fund: King’s Story

A few days ago, little King was hit by a car. His family was so worried and examined him immediately, and he appeared to be just fine. Two days later, though, his belly became distended and black and blue. Fearing internal bleeding and unable to afford emergency veterinary care, they called Gateway Pet Guardians for help.

We were able to support King and his family through our East Sid…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Red and Diamond’s Story

We met Diamond, Red, and their owners about a month ago. Red was really skinny and had difficulty putting on weight. Diamond had two previous litters, and they couldn’t go through yet another litter. We told them we could help with BOTH of those problems, and so we worked together to come up with a solution!

Red visited our friends at Hillside Animal Hospital, where he was examined and…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Rosie’s Story

We met Rosie back in May when she attended our vaccination in Village of Cahokia Park. Her mom was concerned about her ears–she had what appeared to be an ear infection, which was very itchy and irritating. After taking a look, we decided to get Rosie some veterinary care and set up an appointment at Hillside Animal Hospital. Rosie had her ears flushed and started on some medication, and feels…

The Missing Piece: Andrea and Frida’s Story

My husband and I were 4 days out from our honeymoon when this photo crossed my desk. At the time, I was GPG’s Foster Placement Coordinator, and it was my job to get dogs and cats into foster homes as quickly as possible to avoid overfilling the shelter. Though it happens from time to time, in this particular case our newest rescue, a 4 year old black & white pittie, could not reside in a…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Chanel’s Story

Six-week-old Chanel walked up to her mama one day and she noticed a wound on her back. Luckily, we were in the neighborhood, and her mom asked us for help. We got Chanel into the vet, and discovered she had gotten into some sort of a chemical, causing the wounds. It had gotten progressively worse, but thankfully, the vet was able to shave the area, clean the wound, and prescribe antibiotics and…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Kisses’ Story

Concerned about her dog’s eye, Kisses’ mom called us asking for advice. She had what we originally thought was “cherry eye,” which appeared to be a pinkish blob in the corner of her eye. But after a visit to the vet, we learned that it was actually glaucoma. In an attempt to alleviate the pressure in her eye, Kisses underwent surgery and had her eye removed. Huge thank you to Dr. Ed Migneco at…

Happy People, Healthy Pets: Village of Cahokia Vaccination Clinic 2018

On Saturday, May 12, Gateway Pet Guardians hosted a Community Pet Day in Village of Cahokia Park where 110 pets received free rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations. In years past, we have hosted our clinics at Jones Park and Lincoln Park in East St. Louis, IL. But this year, decided to move our clinic to another park in our service area.

The location change was sparked by St. Clair County…

Keeping It In The Family: Archer and Coach

Having both grown up with shepherds Tamar and her husband Ryan always wanted a shepherd puppy but knew they needed to wait until they had purchased a home with an adequate yard for a dog of that size. In October of 2017, after enjoying their first home for almost a year, and after being spammed with rescue pup photos and links by an animal-loving friend (we all have one of those, am I right?!),…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Nia’s Story

A few days ago, Nia was hit by a car. Our founder, PJ Hightower, was nearby and helped the family by rushing her to our partner veterinarian, Hillside Animal Hospital. We learned she had a fracture in her rear left leg that would require surgery. We are so grateful to the staff at Hillside, especially Dr. Edward Migneco who performed and sponsored the cost of her surgery. Check out this…

The Power of a Microchip: Honey’s Story

This evening, we received a call from a community member about a stray dog in her neighborhood. She found a beautiful brown poodle with matted fur. We drove over to her place to scan the dog for a microchip, with hopes that he might be owned. Sure enough, he was microchipped, and it turned out he received it through our Spay/Neuter Program! His name was Honey. We called his owner, who almost…

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