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East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Nia’s Story

A few days ago, Nia was hit by a car. Our founder, PJ Hightower, was nearby and helped the family by rushing her to our partner veterinarian, Hillside Animal Hospital. We learned she had a fracture in her rear left leg that would require surgery. We are so grateful to the staff at Hillside, especially Dr. Edward Migneco who performed and sponsored the cost of her surgery. Check out this…

The Power of a Microchip: Honey’s Story

This evening, we received a call from a community member about a stray dog in her neighborhood. She found a beautiful brown poodle with matted fur. We drove over to her place to scan the dog for a microchip, with hopes that he might be owned. Sure enough, he was microchipped, and it turned out he received it through our Spay/Neuter Program! His name was Honey. We called his owner, who almost…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Molly’s Story

Molly has been a part of the Gateway Pet Guardians family for years. She was spayed through our Spay/Neuter Program several years ago. Her owner sadly passed away last year, but her neighbors rallied together to give Molly a new home. Molly is now a shop dog, loving life and greeting everyone she meets!

On Friday, Molly went outside to go potty, and came back inside with wounds on her ear and…

Working Together to Save More Lives

It takes the help of many organizations working together to make the Gateway Pet Guardians Spay/Neuter Program program work. Thanks to our partners, we have been able to fix over 1,100 pets since our program began in 2012! We’d like to take a moment to thank each partner and share how they contribute to our program.

Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic is a low cost, high volume spay/neuter…

Meant to Be: Emily and Rosie’s Story


Emily brought Rosie, formerly known as Juaneca, home on Labor Day 2017. Greeted with a wagging tail and little kisses, Emily could tell that she just needed a safe place to rest and be loved. Rosie was infected with heartworm upon rescue and had just recently delivered and weaned a litter of puppies (who knows how many litters she had prior!). She seemed… really tired.


Keeping Pets With Their People: Oreo’s Story

Last week, Oreo got off his leash and ended up at St. Clair County Animal Control. His family was devastated, and tried everything they could to get him back. But they faced many obstacles while trying to reclaim their beloved dog—his fees and transportation to claim him, to name a few.

When we heard about Oreo and his family, we knew we needed to help! We helped his family cover the fees,…

Best Friends Grants $5,000 to Fund Spay/Neuter Surgeries in Cahokia

We have some exciting news! Our friends at Best Friends awarded a $5,000 grant to Gateway Pet Guardians to be used to fund a targeted spay/neuter initiative in Cahokia, IL (zip code 62206). In 2017, 34% of total pets surrendered by their owners (including cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens) from the East Side Health District were from Cahokia. Thanks to this grant, we are targeting our services…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Chase’s Story

This morning, Chase was outside going potty when he was hit by a car, and his family was just devastated. He had several open wounds and couldn’t use his back leg. With no money, no transportation, and nowhere to turn, they called animal control, who gave them our number. We were happy to help Chase and his family and rushed him to the vet. Chase was sedated and had x-rays, and we were SO happy…

Celebrating a Special Retirement

On Monday, April 2, 2018 adoptable Percy made a surprise visit to the St. Clair County Courthouse to help a special person celebrate her retirement. Percy wanted to say thank you to Lisa Porter, State’s Attorney, on behalf of all companion animals in St. Clair County. Lisa has been instrumental in helping pets in the Metro East and has partnered with Gateway Pet Guardians on numerous…

Not Owned, But Loved: Our Community Cat Program

In July 2015, we recognized an issue in the Metro East that needed to be addressed. After years of hard work providing free spay/neuter resources for pet dogs and cats, we started seeing a large increase in the homeless cat population in the area. Community cat caretakers care for colonies of cats. While the cats aren’t owned, they are certainly loved and cared for. But if left alone, thes…

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