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An Unforgettable Gift: Alex, Teresa and Darwin’s Story

In any good relationship, you have to make concessions, foster dad Alex states, “and fostering is one that I’ve made for my wife.”  Teresa is passionate about helping animals in need and while it’s something Alex deeply respects, he feels nervous for the introduction of a new dog into their household.  Teresa and the Foster Support Team do their best to choose fosters that will fit in…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Soja’s Story

A few weeks ago, we received a call from Soja’s mom seeking help for her beloved pet. Soja had trouble eating, his teeth were falling out, and he was in obvious pain. He needed veterinary care to help ease the pain in his mouth.

Thanks to our veterinary partner Hillside Animal Hospital, we were able to get him in for an examination. We quickly learned that Soja’s teeth were rotting, infected,…

An Unbreakable Bond: Alisha and Lila’s Story

Alisha has been fostering dogs off and on for about 10 years. The past couple of years with GPG, she swears she’s considered adopting nearly every single one at some point but always knew they weren’t the right dog forever for her family. That eventually changed…

In September 2017, she met the sweetest pregnant pup named Hollywood, who was a stray found in our service community. Alisha…

Handiwork for the Heart: Fixing Ms. L’s Fence

Last week we met Ms. L, a beautiful and compassionate woman who quickly became our friend. Her dog, Mollie, had a litter of puppies–four puppies in total! She cared for them for seven months, but they were getting too big and to be a handful. She wanted help finding loving homes for three of them, and wanted to fix Mollie and her son, Harry. We are currently working with our friends at Helping…

Happy Tails Update: DeeDee

I first met DeeDee at an adoption event in February. She was shy and cautious of people, and spooked by lots of things. I knew we had a connection the minute I sat down with her, and I couldn’t leave knowing that she didn’t have a chance with our family. We did a trial week, and in that short time, DeeDee opened up and gained our trust. It’s been a month since her adoption, and I’m happy…

The Right Time is Now: Amanda and Marilyn’s Story

Amanda had toyed with becoming a foster parent for a long time. Of course, like many others, she had a busy life, traveled 9 months out of the year, had her own dogs to care for, and had a long list of reasons why it was never the right time. Amanda reports though, she’s come to learn that the right time never really shows up and decided to go for it anyways!

Marilyn Monroe was one of t…

2017 Impact

As we finalize another successful and impactful year, I am reminded of some inspiring words. You will find them in our year-end impact report and you will find them throughout the year as we describe reality for many residents in the community we serve. “Imagine waking up and having to choose between food for your pet or food for yourself when you make your way to the grocery store in t…

Overcoming Tragedy: Letitia and Furball’s Story

Tragedy struck Letitia’s East St. Louis home a little over a week ago when her house caught fire. Sadly, she lost two kittens in the blaze, but was able to save one cat, Furball. We heard about Letitia in the local newspaper, and couldn’t imagine the devastation and loss she felt. We felt compelled to reach out to her, to offer our services, and to show her she has friends that care for her…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Bella’s Story

Yesterday, we received a call from a concerned pet owner. Her mama dog, Bella, had a gaping wound on her belly. We had previously helped her family find homes for Bella’s puppies, and when we heard she needed help we didn’t hesitate.

Hillside Animal Hospital fit Bella into their busy schedule. After a physical examination, it was determined that Bella had mastitis, a painful bacteria…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Zena’s Difficult Delivery

Earlier this week, we received a call from a frantic pet owner concerned about his dog. She went into labor 24 hours earlier, and still hadn’t given birth to her puppies yet. They had taken the dog, Zena, to the vet for an examination and received a quote for $1,200 for an emergency cesarean surgery to save her life. The family could not afford this surgery. With nowhere else to turn, they…

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