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This Week’s Feedings and A Few Bloopers

Just another day on the route. Look at poor Mama Dog who had at least one puppy that we know of-but poor puppy died. Then Nigel & Nigella forever waiting for a foster home. Have been hearing that Animal Control has been making visits sometimes, and I am personally worried that some of our oldies will be missing one day. They have made it so long. Just painful to think that their luck may run out before a home opens up. Micah & Baxter, both a little shy that day. And Lady, the shy black dog, is in heat which is throwing everyone off. Malcolm has

Soiree Snippet: Pj, Debbie, and their Mom.

We will be doin’ it up at the Historic Franklin Room in Soulard…..and Looking Back to our 2010 Gala and a short conversation with Pj.  The funny part is Pj and Debbie’s

Blondie, Bea & Aaron. Cats, Yella, Lady, Mischa, Brownen, Micah, Lloyd, & Malcolm.

First we have some feedings from September 1, 2011. Who’s featured? Well Cats, and a little kitty got chased up a pole by a lil’ stinker puppy that tries to eat the cat food. Dinah, Leela’s dad, Leela (before she was rescued), Lady the black dog with the injured eye who hangs out with Buster (Buster has parents), Mischa (who we have tried to rescue a few times and finally did get her mom, Em, Lloyd the bearded black dog, An unknown sweet Black Piitie mix, and Malcolm who looks really terrible.

Soiree Snippets

Our 2011 Soiree Is coming up and you can’t miss it!! Here are some clips from last year’s Soiree.  Our Sponsors & Welcoming Crews!! Below is our own local supporter & VeganGoddess, Allison Burgess. The creator of Match Meats, a compassionate, animal free food for people transitioning to a cruetly free and sustainable lifestyle. Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters. There is…

Nevada with Embedded Collar Rescued. Yella needs a Foster!

Wow it’s been a really busy time for Gateway Pet Guardians!!  Pj was able to pull Yella, a dog that had been shot in the past and was living on the streets of East St. Louis.  Pj wanted to rescue him long ago but someone claimed him, although this person would not even allow Pj to give him medical attention.  Apparently Yella’s person burned down his own home and is no longer living on that…

Centreville Health and Wellness Fair to Promote Dog Health and Safety

Saint Louis, October 3, 2011 – Gateway Pet Guardians, in conjunction with the City of Centreville, Ill., is gearing up for the Centreville Health and Wellness Fair on Saturday, October 8. This event is sponsored by the city and Gateway Pet Guardians, a nonprofit animal rescue, with the intent to help educate and raise awareness not only about human-related health and wellness, but about t…

Phil the Puppy, Leela rescued from the sewer and Nina’s Rescue (now Neena)

Wow.  It has been a busy rescue time for Gateway!  Pj was able to rescue Leela, Dinah’s puppy, who had fallen into the sewer.  On this video you can see Leela still living on the street and Pj telling me that we can never rescue her unless she was trapped.  Well, she “trapped” herself by falling into the sewer.  Pj tried to rescue her when she noticed, but Leela had scurried away down…

Gateway Pet Guardians partners with Whole Foods Market for Community Support Day

ST. LOUIS. (September 19, 2011) – Gateway Pet Guardians, a local nonprofit animal rescue, is partnering with Whole Foods Market in Brentwood and Town & Country to raise money for their effort to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt homeless strays from East St. Louis, Illinois and the surrounding Metro East area. Five percent of all purchases made at either store on September 22 will be donated…

Pooch-A-Palooza Music Gestival to Benefit Animal Rescue Organizations Across the Metro Area

ST. LOUIS. (September 1, 2011) – Gateway Pet Guardians, a nonprofit animal rescue, is partnering with H.A.L.O. (Helping Animals find Loving Owners)  to raise money for animal rescues around St. Louis and the surrounding metro area with Pooch-A-Palooza, a family and pet-friendly music festival featuring five local acts on Sunday, September 18.

Pooch-A-Palooza will be held at the Swansea Moos…

Bert’s Travels (A rescue story)

Bert was one of the three dogs we rescued (all on the same day!) recently.  What a teddy bear!  Apparently he is at Ms Jamie’s house, cuddling on the couch, with his head on her lap, as if he never knew that he could have ended up on the street forever.  So wonderful when these kids adjust almost instantly.  Big Bert is going to need heartworm treatment as well.  We are using an alternativ…

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